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19th Birthday

Tous les messages de fans envoyés au site pour l’anniversaire des 19 ans de Demi Lovato .

“In this wonderful day
I wanted to offer you the most beautiful poem in the world
The sun where to sea
I wanted to give you the most beautiful feelings
All the flowers of the worlds
All the birds of he sky
I wanted extraordinary words
But I have just simple words
For you celebrate a Happy Birthday
I love you more today than yesterday
Demi Forever <3″
By Julie.

I just want to wish a happy birthday has Demi Lovato, she is brilliant ! I hope that she will continue even for a long time as actress and singer, her is wonderful ! ♥ Demi, happy birthday! :D♥
By Emma.

Happy birthday Demi all your fans loves you and we wish you the best for ever , you are so wonderful demi I love you. XOXOXO happy 19th birthday !!!!!!!!
By Esther.

Joyeux Aniversaire Demi Lovato ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
By Nelly.

Hey Demi ! How are you? Good I hope.I just want to say YOURE VERY AWESOME and the BEST person I never know. Happy Birthday , Keep your smile and stay stronger ! I love you so much ♥
By Ophelie.

Happy Birthday Demi! I wish you much happiness in your life because you really deserve that! you have a clean and beautiful talent! I’m a fan of you for already 3 years past and I will never tire of you and your songs! we all love you! xoxo
By Salia.

Happy Birthday Demi!I LOVE YOU
By Baby.

Happy Birthay Demi For your 19 years !!!!
By Mélina.

♥ Demiiii ! I’m Julie and I’m french girl ! I love U ! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! ♥ I love U ! I love your songs, I love your voice, I love your energy ! So HAPPY BIRTHDAY and DON’T FORGET : ” Stay Strong” !!!! You’re so beautiful, you’re so strong you’re so gentle ! You’re so simply my role model ! I love U ! (Sorry for spelling mistakes – -’)

I love ‘Skyscraper’ and ‘Lalaland’ and ‘Don’t Forget’ ! I’ve not been to your concert but i would like to go ! I love U so much and “Stay Strong” ! xoxo Julie HETTE, french lovatic’s fan !
By Julie

Happy birthday Demi i wish u the best and love and i want u know that u r my idol!!!
By @ManalXw

Je voudrais que Demi sache que je la soutiens, et qu’elle puissent passer un bon anniversaire. Happy Birthday @ddlovato 20/08/11 <3
By @jesuiswhitney

Je souhaite un très joyeux anniversaire à Demi. J’espère qu’elle vas fêter ça comme il se doit :)
By @K3evin3_Dafn3BS

I’d like to wish an happy birthday to the greatest and strongest girl in this world!!! :D <3
By @AlexBieberGomez

Les stars aussi ont souhaités un joyeux anniversaire à la belle Demi Lovato:

Just wanted to wish my really good friend @ddlovato a Happy Birthday! Everyone make her feel special! Lol. #HappyBirthdayDemDem

@ddlovato Happy bday Demiballs! Heart u! Xoxo

@TheTimeOfMiles: OMG! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEMI & WE LOVE DEMI both are trend! @ddlovato @diannaLeeDLG @MaddieLovesYou1 #YourLOVATICSRocks

Me and @ddlovato … Happy birthday!!! I love you

Happy birthday to my amazing beautiful lil sister @ddlovato I’m in awe of the strength and growth you’ve shown this year. I love you so much